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incense reduces anxiety and promotes wellbeing

Master Healer and NLP Practitioner Satish

incense enhances concentration and focus

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Cleansing Balancing Healing

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health
positive emotions generate energy

Positive Emotions

Positive emotions generate energy or increase life force.
Love, Joy, Gratitude, bliss, harmony, inspiration, kindness...

Peace is Neutral.

Negative emotions steal energy

Negative Emotions

Negative emotions steal energy or decrease life force.
Jealousy, Envy, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hate, Anger...

Thought Power

It is known
The human mind emits around 48 to 52 thought impulses per minute.
Per day it accounts for thousands and
Per month, per year it would account for in millions.
Collective energy of so much thinking,
we call Thought Power or Mental Power.
Most humans loose this energy totally unaware of thinking too much.

There are many Practices and Rituals
where one can save and store this mental energy.
Saved big quantity of thought energy becomes thought power.
By and by one will have a lot of thought power.

Emotions give direction to this mental power.
When the intensity of emotions become way too much,
the collective force of mental and emotional direction
creates an impact.
This impact can be constructive or destructive
depending on positive or negative emotions.

Destructive impact is Black Magic.
Constructive impact is White Magic.

black magic begins with negative emotions
It all begins with emotions.

Positive emotions will invoke the forces of the light.
Negative emotions will invoke the forces of the dark.

When connected with the dark energies,
there are many low level dark spirits get accessed.
These spirits can do many mischievous things.

not everyone you meet in a human body is human

Black magic is negative magic used for evil purposes
that will harm one or many
in someway or many ways
depending on the intent of the direction and
how much mental power black magician has accumulated.

Black magic is the negative use of energies and power
by people flooded with negative emotions
such as jealousy, hate, anger
to harm or take away something precious from someone or
influence them in strange negative ways.
Many times it is simply an inability to accept
other people's joy and happiness
that gets black magic initiated.
Many prosperous and happy families are ruined by black magic.

black magic equals bad intentions, negative emotions, rituals

Many forms of black magic have been around since centuries.
Spells, curse, witchcraft, voodoo are forms of the same art.

People driven by negative emotions hire black magicians
To inflict harm on their relatives, friends and co-workers
or deprive them from living peaceful lives and causing inner turmoil
or sometimes even delete them from this universe.

Many times greed and power are also big factors.
Politicians and business community
use this black art to defeat competition.
Black magic can be given to a victim through drinking or eating
such as adding black magic to food or drink.
Black magician can also make black magic in liquid form
so it can be spilled over an object or piece of land.

psychic attack, psychic warfare, energy vampire, psychic entity

Most black magic is created for specific purposes.

Breaking a relationship or destroying a marriage.
Blocked income.
Controlling someone's mind for sex.
and many other specific
irritating, annoying and destructive impact.

time to discover, disengage and disconnect from energy vampires

Are you experiencing symptoms of Psychic Interference?
Is Black Magic casting a shadow on your Life?

Life force being sucked off
Series of failures
Feelings of something
just not being right
Feeling of some foreign energy
in home or in body
Physical and Mental fatigue that cannot be explained by other means
Your gut feels these abnormal feelings
may have come from an external source
Crushing weight upon chest and a sense of fear and paranoia
Unable to stomach your food, though you know it's fresh and good
Feeling of sudden,
mysterious depression
A clenched knot feeling in your
stomach / solar plexus area
Unexplained difficulty in breathing
Feelings of melancholy
New project delayed endlessly
The project never got launched
You sense fishy politics from "friends"
Sudden dynamic change in relationship
Unexplained lack of concentration
Things constantly going wrong
Prolonged unconsciousness
Strange nausea
Physical Incapacitation
In very extreme cases, coma
Unknown reasons wake you up around 3am each morning
There's someone you can't get out of your head and that makes you sick
Hearing odd sounds or
feelings of weight when asleep
Receiving blast of unnecessary information
Feelings of not being in control
Irrational fears that are not realistic
Sleeplessness / Insomnia
Not sleeping well
Excessive sleeping patterns
Illusions and hallucinations
Astral traveling without direction,
a feeling of being pulled out of the body
A waning in energy around the time of the darkening moon
Constantly questioning your sanity
Excessive drinking or drug abuse
Bug bites that aren’t necessarily
caused by bugs
Pet animals get sick or
act strange
The temptation to do illegal or
immoral activities
Strange feelings of being vulnerable, even in usually safe areas
Wake up drained
Mysteriously things disappear or move
Nervous exhaustion followed with physical deterioration
Fuzzy state of mind,
feeling of drunkenness
Feelings of being constantly
watched by someone
Feelings of anger or aggression or revenge channeled towards you
Unknown force has taken control
of your astral body
People seem to hate you for
no apparent reason
Unidentified dizziness
Mysterious uneasiness
Your body feels unusually cold or icy
Weird dreams of frightening symbols
Hostile arguments with strangers
Lately people tend to stay away from you
Sudden increase or decrease of sex drive
Major disruptions in your relationships or in workplace
Feeling that you are disconnected and uprooted from source
Throbbing pain in the forehead
Severe or constant headache / migraine
Loss or increase of appetite
Mental collapse
Black dots in the auric field
Change in skin color
Difficulty in maintaining
a Spiritual Practice
Physical problems, yet
medical tests show nothing
Unexplained lack of concentration
Other mysterious happenings

These symptoms could be possible psychic energy interference

Don't jump to conclusions.
Check your personal Knowledge Bank for the explanation.
Chances are, that's where you'll find it.

At Vampire Release, we offer instant relief from psychic attack challenges.
Experience all the benefits of relaxing chakra energy healing,
when you feel under psychic interference and need professional help.

It's Time to Discover, Disengage and Disconnect
From Energy Vampires.

In the history of human consciousness,
the first thing that evolved was magic
both black magic and white magic.
The difference is
Black magic hurts. White magic helps.
Black magic is destructive. White magic is constructive.
Black magic is used to dominate others.
White magic is used to dominate our own selves,
becoming a master of the self.

love is the greatest magic Not Everyone is affected by Black Magic

not everyone is affected by black magic

One candle flame is enough to bring light in a dark space.
If you are connected to your inner light,
if you are breathing right in your core,
if your heart is really open and flooded with love, real love,
if you are on the Path...
No Darkness has ever overpowered Light.
But, There has to be Real Light.
Not hallucination or hypnosis of light. Real Light!!!

Chakra Healing offers protection from
Psychic Energy Vampires who are skilled @ Mind Manipulation techniques.
Don't waste another moment, it's time you give us a call
because we produce impressive results.

Release spirit attachments, entities and spirit possession,
Psychic attack, black magic energy, negative thought forms.

Clear Space Now!

relaxing refreshing healing session

“Satish is a gifted and a powerful healer.
He has an ability to help people feel better fast”
Paul McKenna, Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Trainer

Chakra Energy Healing with Satish in Los Angeles

We invite you to experience the magic of chakra healing
in all areas of your life - an entirely new way of solving challenges.
Physical - Mental - Emotional - Social - Spiritual - Financial
An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health.

The amount of Good luck that happens in your life is
directly proportional to
the Playful Energy that you carry with you.

open chakras

Inner Cosmos chakra energy healing combined with NLP
Activate your body's natural healing systems
that create a cocoon of bliss around you strengthening your auric field.
Increased personal magnetism generates fantastic results for you.

from the first chakra to seventh good vibrations

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Social, Financial or Spiritual
challenges are the by-products of
Congestion, depletion, and imbalance of energy.

Clearing and Cleansing
the non-supportive energy from your energy field,
Cleaning your aura and the chakras,
leaves you feeling very relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated,
and that is just the start....

“I first started working with Satish
after the idea had been suggested to me
that a horrible chain of destructive events,
along with a series of severe nightmares
might actually be indicative of a malicious psychic attack.
I had had no experience whatsoever with that kind of thing in the past,
and was not only at a total loss
in understanding the workings of such things,
but was also very skeptical.
I was however in a lot of pain at that point,
and was willing to explore the possibilities.
These events had progressed over a couple of years,
and had culminated in the destruction of many aspects of my life.
My original intent in contacting Satish was
only to get a "second opinion"
as to if in fact I was experiencing the effects of dark forces.
Satish not only confirmed that it was true,
but also proceeded to give me so much insight
and information about my life, the lives of those involved,
and our relationships,
that I could not help but believe in the truth of his words.
At that point,
I decided to go ahead and start long distance healing with him.
I was on the other side of the country,
and my loved ones on the other side of the globe.
Satish was able to do an enormous amount of healing for us.
I was amazed at the very real presence of benevolent energy sensations
that felt in working with him at such a distance.
I was becoming so convinced at that point,
that I decided to travel to LA to have healing sessions,
and to take the Kriya Shakti course.
Satish's in person healing sessions were amazing.
He intuited things about me, and past life experiences
that I never could have imagined.
In fact I was at first unsure that reincarnation even existed.
I never imagined that I would ever do a past life regression,
but it seemed to be the next step.
Satish gently guided me through a process that was so undeniably real,
that I was left with no other option but to believe in it.
The knowledge that I gained from the experience
helped me to understand many aspects of the situation
that I had found myself in,
as well as many experiences that I had had throughout my life.
The Kriya Shakti course was also wonderful.
New to understanding energy work,
and struggling with my own healing at the time,
I found myself in a beautiful healing environment of safety.
I was connected with a group of lovely people
in a journey of self-discovery,
and discovery of "the mysterious" nature of energy.
The outcome was transforming.
I have continued to work with Satish
long distance for several months since then,
and am now seeing the results of his healing work and
the empowerment that he has given us
manifesting in our lives in very big ways.
Thanks to his knowledge, ease and ability in connecting
with the higher powers and healing energies in the universe,
we are all experiencing great healing and protection in our lives.
I found Satish at a point in my life
where my heart had been broken so wide open
that all I could do was cry out to my God for help
with the utmost of passion.
God answered my prayers by
connecting me with a truly masterful healer.”
R K Lewis, Artist

As a spectrum of Inner Cosmos energy healing processes work for you
your aura and chakras are energized.
You feel centered, grounded and very peaceful
as a bio-magnetic amplification attracts
higher frequencies of energy at all levels:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Social, Financial or Spiritual.

Inner Cosmos chakra healing offers you an 'Instant energy lift'
that you feel immediately as we begin the session.

I'm sometimes in tears with gratitude for
what you have given me in my life when I realize
that those seeds you planted actually do grow and
change my life forever.......
Marta Kristi

Perhaps visiting our website, you are reminded that
You have given a lot of yourself in this lifetime
And now it's time to relax, bring your mind back to center and
Receive a deep and refreshing Chakra Healing Session.

relaxing refreshing healing session

“Satish allows you to empty all the unnecessary stuff,
leaving room for miracles to appear.”

Mind is that part of your body that you cannot see
Body is that part of your mind that you can see.
Chakra Energy Healing creates harmony between body-mind.

To schedule, a session click here or read on...

Manifest abundance of inner magnetism

Within each one of us lies the Source...the Core Light...
the Ocean of Existence.

One drop from this Ocean and Our cup is filled,
One spark of this Light and Our cells ignite with
the Fire of Purification.
Inner Harmony resonates throughout Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Re-awakening the Healing Light within
We enter into Realm of All Possibilities.

If you have ever said to yourself
"There must be a better way!"

Please read on...

The magic and the beauty of chakra healing sessions with Satish
will help you feel more vibrantly alive,
have more energy and open your senses
perhaps for the first time
to the living force that resides in the inner depths of your Core Being.
Rediscovering the golden light within is a joyous experience.

It does not matter what you do for a living.
Chakra Energy Healing with Satish will help you
activate your body's natural healing process
that will transform the quality of your life and
radiate beauty to everyone who sees you.

See the new possibilities

Feel the freedom

Hear the whisper...

It's time for energy alignment.

pain healing To schedule, a session click here or read on...

What you have always suspected is true

Parents, teachers, authors and self-serving gurus and experts
have been efficiently keeping you in the dark
about what it takes to have health and harmony in your body.

And the shocking truth is this :
Most of them don't know answers themselves
because they were misled by their parents and teachers before them.

The one mystical key to unlocking your full potential is
your vibrational energy.
Every thought, every emotion, every belief transmits
a measurable vibrational frequency.
Clarity vibrates at the highest frequency.

From desire to thought to idea to planning to execution
Many factors influence your results.

Your core ability to see clearly, feel clear and hear clearly
that enables you to think clearly
is the most critical ingredient
that creates the difference that makes the difference in your life.

Cleansing Balancing Healing

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health

Stop and See

Life is full of bliss.
Ordinarily, we do not have the eyes to see this.
And so, we are deprived of it.
But this seeing can be created.
Perhaps it is not correct to say it can be created.
It is already there.
It is only a matter of opening the eyes.
And then - Everything changes.

Life is known only through living and
Truth is known only through going deep within.

It is through the grace of the divine that you are working towards
the discovery of your inner light.

The light is probably there and
Once it is met, all darkness in life disappears.

Flowering is the most profound possibility in everyone.
It only has to be uncovered.
As springs of water lie hidden under layers of earth,
so does bliss lie hidden within each of us.

Imagine 10,000 seeds hidden in a box in your closet.
If these seeds had voice and life, what would they say?
"Give me the soil, Allow the sun...let me flower...."
Similarly, you have so much potential that is unexplored yet.
Chakra Healing is a path to get in touch
with your true potential
Master Healer and NLP Practitioner Satish

What does the seed know of its potential?
It is the same with you.
You do not know who you are and what you can be...your potential.
The seed, perhaps cannot look within.
But you can.

This looking within is called healing.
To know one's truth as it is, here and now, is healing.
Dive into it deeper and deeper.
There in the depths, all that is possible can be seen.
And once seen, it begins to happen.

The awareness of what is possible turns into a reality.
Like a seed stirred by a vision of it's potential...beginning to sprout.
Time, effort and energy - pour it all into your chakra healing
because chakra healing is the gateless gate
through which self-becomes aware of itself.

Each step taken within,
peels away the darkness layer by layer
unfolding a world of light in which everything is new.
This experience cuts away all the baggage and the burdens.
The unorganized energy becomes organized.
Your energy becomes integrated, centered and grounded.

unorganized energy becomes organized as you become integrated, centered and grounded.

Ultimately the thirsty pilgrim reaches the spring.
In fact, water is there before the thirst.

Some deep thirst has stirred you...
Some unknown shore has called you.
How long will you go on standing on the shore?
How much longer will you go about letting your energy sleep?

Chakra Healing is Not a Talk Therapy

Chakra Healing is the science of silence.
Silence does not mean an absence of speech.
It implies an absence of thoughts.
Nothing is left unsaid by silence.
Where words fail, silence is full of meaning.

Your mind is the only barrier

When the mind becomes silent, it becomes linked to the infinite and
you awaken the deepest levels of your consciousness.
Each mind creates a world of its own which exists nowhere.
During the day as well as the night the mind is swamped with dreams.
When the dreams become too much, too intense, insanity comes.
Chakra cleansing is a process to cleanse this mental insanity of thoughts.

The power to transform your life is
in your chakras

As you understand how your chakra system works,
and we balance, energize and heal each of your seven chakras,
your mind and body unwind, welcoming your spirit back to your body.
And you'll give back your gifts to the planet
when you are healthy and blissful.

At this time, being here on our beautiful planet,
You are at the threshold of
a great inner revolution.

Don't waste time in conflict. Lose no time in doubt.
Time can never be recovered.
And if you miss an opportunity,
it may take many lives before another comes your way again.

Inner Cosmos Chakra Balancing Cleansing in Los Angeles Energy Medicine that awakens the Natural Healing Light within you
An Alternative Medicine approach towards your radiant health


Darkness in life disappears as the Healing Light appears

The power of healing is within you.
All that a healer can do is to remove the blocks and
clear cluttered energy clouds from the aura energy body,
so the energy of healing starts flowing.

love truth heart frozen

When the healer has stepped out from his ego,
and the seeker has stepped out from challenges and pain,
and in this healing space,
there is a harmonious energy transmission,
a dialogue happens in silence between healer and the seeker of health,
at that moment, between the two, healing occurs.
And if it happens, the healer will always know that
he was available only as a catalyst guide to channel a divine force,
receiving energy and information from other dimensions
for divine healing.
The healer will be as grateful for the experience as the seeker of health.

Problems are simple.
Solutions are simple.

Just one has to get out of the mind to see this simplicity.
And then whatever is done by a healer,
in silence, in peace, in love, in joy, will be medicinal,
will be a soothing sharing of well-being and health.
Healer's presence is a healing force like a candle in the darkness.
An experience that will touch your soul.

Master Healer and NLP Practitioner Satish

“I will hold the first three fingers of your right hand and
in 3 minutes tell you the blueprint of your energies...
Your blocks ... What stops you ... What will help ... and more.
Bring your questions
Why? When? What? Where? Who? How...
And receive chakra energy healing to help you
align with your highest potential.”
Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

If you want your tomorrows to be different than yesterdays,
Do something different Today.
Take a step towards your Next Level

healing blessings chakra healing gives you emotional health

Holistic Solutions for Realistic challenges

New Holistic Standards of Excellence
You'll get results from the very first session

We look forward to working with you.

healing equals creating a better world

Healing light illuminates dying light

Darkness in the Soul disappears as the Healing Light appears

Life is full of choices - Choose clarity - Choose Vampire Release