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healing experience

Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

Healings are offered by Satish Dholakia,
a dedicated spiritual healer - teacher and
Master NLP practitioner from Mumbai, India.
Not bound to any traditions or philosophies,
he prefers to heal and
teach from the spontaneous flow through him.
Clairvoyant and Clairaudient since a child,
he spent years in communion with the divine,
sharing his psychic gifts with an open heart.
Many have experienced new levels of clarity, upliftment,
health andpersonal & financial empowerment
through his gifts of teaching and healing.
Satish founded Inner Cosmos in Mumbai, India in 1991.
He currently offers energy healing sessions, classes and
psychic readings in Los Angeles, California.
Group classes are offered internationally upon request.

no books, no beliefs

That's what we call inner work.

no producs

Nothing to buy. Nothing to sell. Nothing to market.
Nobody to impress.
Meditative focus on inner work for
sincere seekers of the light within.

simple playful processes

“Imagine 10,000 seeds hidden in a box in your closet.
If these seeds had voice and life, what would they say?
"Give me the soil, Allow the sun...let me flower...."
Similarly, you have so much potential that is unexplored yet.
Chakra Healing is a path to get in touch
with your true potential”

“Your gut, your stomach is the most accurate psychic on this planet.
The challenge is to connect with this accuracy within...
My goal is to awaken the psychic within you.
And when the inner psychic and inner healer are awakened,
for the first time you become aware of your vast potential.”
Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish

it's never as you think

centered and grounded

thinking to being

healing blessingschakra healing gives you emotional health

Healing light illuminates dying light

Darkness in the Soul disappears as the Healing Light appears

Life is full of choices - Choose clarity - Choose Vampire Release